Visual Merchandising : The Retailer Speaks

Visual merchandising is the art of displaying more in less, in a way that optimum results are achieved. It is done to be equally beneficial for the customer – who finds everything he needs in just a glance and the Seller – who displays everything he has in the most advantageous way.

We took a set of questions to the marketing manager of a leading mall and here is what he has to say about visual merchandising.

They say display can increase sales. Do you agree?

Yes, I definitely agree. The foot traffic in any mall or shop depends on what attracts the customers. And humans are visual beings, sight attracts their attention. So it all comes down to the display section. If they like what they see, they come, simple as that.

What do you think of Visual Merchandising?

It is a rising art. As the competition in the market is increasing rapidly when compared to the consumer side of the market, it is necessary that we put our best foot forward. And to achieve that, window dressers and visual merchandisers are hired. Our sales depend on them.

How frequently do you approach a visual merchandiser?

Well, depends on the season. They help us decide on a theme that is suitable to the current season. So whenever there is a likely surge in purchases, like festival seasons, new collection in the mall, or the sale time. The mall is given a makeover in intervals of time so that customers find something new to lure them in.

Do you believe that Visual Merchandising is necessary even in non-metro cities?

It is not about being a metro city or a small town. Wherever there is competition, one has to put effort to be favoured. Also because of the rise in online shopping, our efforts have to be doubled. The only trump card that we hold is that here the customers get to feel the fabric and try it on. So window dressing is our way of advertising that card.

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