Upcycle - Get, Set and Snip Snip!

As trends change and seasons fade adding to the clutter in your already jam-packed wardrobe, we have taken charge and come up with five quick and easy ways to recycle your old clothes without throwing anything out and adding anything new.

Read on to discover the simple tricks of mixing and matching.

•The Baggy and Beautiful - Bring out those loose T-shirts that you have been stashing away. Forget about using them as a mop and introduce them to a pair of scissors as you go snip snip at the bottom seams. Snip it off till your midriff, or whatever length you’re comfortable with. Then, with Picasso like precision, create vertical strips as long as your index finger. After you have vertical strips all around, braid the strips together. Voila, you have a new crop top that gives off a boho chic look. Pair it with your favorite bottoms and you’re good to go.

•Scarf it off - Have those dupattas from once upon a time that you had to buy? Well, dupattas may be ancient, but their younger cousins - the scarves have never been out of style. Pick out your favorite ones and bring out those scissors again. Cut it as far along as you desire. Then take the next one and do the same. After you’re done, rush to that tailor in your neighborhood or if you trust yourself enough, stitch the two halves together. Now, two favourite prints of yours have become one and you can add your scarf to your outfit for that flair.

•Dressy not messy - Instead of letting your poor old dresses gather the dust or passing them onto somebody else, take out all the ones that you don’t wear anymore. Then, take out your favourite skits, be it pencil or skater or a line. Run to your tailor and ask him to make skirts out of your erstwhile dresses. While the upper half of the dress may be of no use, the bottom half doubles up into a skirt that you can wear anywhere. Add this to your wardrobe and you have your favourite clothes effortlessly without bankrupting yourself.

Image Credits : Pinterest