Unpaid Internet 101 (For internet in your vacation)

Going without the internet for a day, forget a whole week, would feel like a limb being cut off! A world war could’ve broken out and you wouldn’t even know! Scary, isn’t it?

So how does one arrange for internet while travelling, especially when roaming tariffs make paying for it a very expensive affair, let us see.

Most hotels these days offer free WiFi during your stay.

So before you look for accommodation, do ask at the front desk if Internet is included or not.

Restaurants and diners.

When you are grabbing a meal in a new location, the options are plenty. To filter your list of choices, you can zero in on one of the many restaurants that have upgraded to free internet for their customers. Win-win.

Free internet zones.

Ah, how we love them! Railway stations, airports and public parks. Keep your eyes wide open and read the signs. Most places, again, are providing free internet to lure in tourists.

Cabs Yay!

Thanks to new schemes, some famous cab companies are offering free Internet for their commuters. But don’t miss the beauty of the ride while you are engrossed in your phone.

Well, most of the time, you simply have to ask! There is no saying when you might get lucky. Also, if this doesn’t work for you, you can ditch the Free Internet idea to enjoy an Internet Free vacation, just saying!