Travel essentials

It can be an outing in the weekend or a full blown countryside vacation for two weeks, here are a few essentials to keep your mind away from any possible tensions.

Travel grail – The pocket diary

Invest in an easy-to-carry pocket friendly notebook that is on you, every time you hit the roads. You can write in important details of yourself and of a few trusted contacts, to be reached in case of an emergency. It is also advisable to carry the old school map in this notebook, should there be the necessity of one.

Portable charger

We live in the twenty-first century after all! Make sure you have a portable charger that will take care of your gadgets’ needs. Unless, of course, you want to enjoy a little peace, detaching yourself from the reality of work and home.

Bag of Basics

This one is subjective to the location of your visit. If it is a sunny place, you need to pack in sun screen and glasses. In more adventurous trips like treks, insect repellents and an electric torch with spare batteries are a must.

Blanket and/or Pillow

Some of us have trouble sleeping in unfamiliar surroundings. Well, it always helps to carry your pillow and/or blanket along, to help you doze off real quick. Vacation plans can go haywire if you walk around feeling sleepy during the day.

High spirits

This is probably the deciding factor to see what makes or breaks your vacation. You deserve this break. So pack away all your worries and don’t forget to leave them behind. Let loose, have fun in high spirits.

Stay Curious ! Stay Inspired !