The Ideal Wallet

A messy wallet is an unpardonable offence and yet a crime most of us are guilty of! So bring out your money purse and organize it in the most efficient way. After all, you cannot afford to be found digging into your wallet, looking for currency and shuffling through all the hundreds of bills you stuffed into it in utter haste.

Aw, fret not, here are the easiest steps to bring you closer to that ideal wallet!

To begin with, avoid folding currency notes in half! The horizontal slots are horizontal for a reason! Neatly stack them in an ascending order of denomination. Higher the value, farther from the edge it is.

Get Rid of all the paper slips lying in there from Jurassic Age.

Really, you don’t need to keep all the transaction slips from months ago. If need be, maintain a log and leave them stapled to your journal. Not crumpled in your wallet!

A card for this, a card for that!

Almost every franchise has a card for its ‘valued’ customers, sigh. You need not carry each one of them on you all the time. Again, this cuts inches off your pouch (slight exaggeration, apologies).

Business card. A must.

In the unlikely (fingers crossed) event of misplacing your wallet, this is the only hope of ever receiving it back, provided you believe in Santa Claus and good Samaritans.

Ditch the jingle.

Unless you are father Christmas, there is no fun in having jingling pockets. Cut down on the coins you carry for change and see how much lighter your wallet gets, unless it has a special slot for it.

Do these, and the difference is yours to see!

Stay Curious ! Stay Inspired !