The Diwali Special !

Diwali is just around the corner and the Diwali spread holds a major portion of what makes the day special. This festival season, here are a few cuisines you can try to ditch the usual. And also to make your Instagram page stand out (winks).

Sanjeev Kapoor โ€@SanjeevKapoor even has started his preparations..... :)

The see-saw culture

Up when down and down if up. Oh what I mean is, if you are from the Northern states of India, do YouTube a couple of south Indian delicacies and vice versa. New is always fun.


Although the older relatives might raise an eyebrow or two, Italian Pasta and Pizzas with an Indian twist is a must have this time around.


This is not really a cuisine as much as it is a theme. Smoke your food and serve with the right sauces to bowl your guests over.

Go street

The tastiest food is the one that comes from the streets. So pick up dishes from the street culture of multiple nations and enjoy it at home. What makes it better is that street food is easier to make and takes lesser time too.


Not as famous as its other Asian counterparts, Korean food is highly underrated. Rice and Veggies play the staples here and the gravy has this unusual tang to it. Pin the recipe to your Refrigerator and pull out your chefโ€™s hat.