Take That Shot, It's Worth It!!

Do it. Take the risk. Go and ask that cute girl or boy you have a crush on, for a date, take a day off and go bicycling all over the town just like the time you used to when you were a kid, go ahead and take off the weekend and get lost with your partner in a beautiful place. Go ahead and do it because it’s one life and time is waiting for none.

Time’s clicking away as we are focused on many things that we often forget to live the moments that life has to offer. We often overlook the opportunities and chances that stare right at our faces. Somewhere down the line, we regret, thinking what would have happened if we had taken the chance.

We often get so comfortable playing it safe, without taking any risk that we later miss the thrill of it. Honestly, risks backfire too. You are gonna get hurt, bruised, disappointed but there will be that utmost satisfaction of trying, of not giving up. Eventually, it pays off. So, once in a while flow your heart, eat that ice cream, wear that dress that you love but people think you look fat in, once in a while sing your favourite song on the top of your voice.

Because life is short to care what others thinks. Once in a while take that shot. Sometimes, some unknown train may lead you to the right place, all you need is take that shot.

Stay Curious ! Stay Inspired !