If your luggage could speak

Here is an open letter to the traveller, from his luggage (assuming it could speak).

Dear Owner,

Thanks for finally getting me out of the attic, it was getting uncomfortable by the day. I am so excited about this trip we are finally embarking on! You had it delayed for long enough now, I almost thought we will never make it. I wonder where we are off to now. I hope the roads are nicer in that city, so my ride would be less bumpy when you drag me around in a hurry.

Please find us a room with a nice view, considering that is all I will be getting to see. Ah, I should take a moment to remind you, do lock me up tight, I still can’t forget the embarrassment I faced when the latch accidentally got loose at the airport last year. It isn’t very cool to throw up ill packed under garments when you are standing next to very savvy luggage bags.

Are we taking a flight or is this another one of your road trips? Must be the flight, because you weighed me at home. I hope I weigh enough to be checked it, because it is such a pain being hand baggage. Especially when you stuff me into the overhead cabin! Oh, weren’t you taught shapes in school?

Also, please, just please go easy on the conveyer belt. Try not to yank me off like a ninja. What is the worst that could happen? You’ll miss the turn and I will get another merry-go-round. The last time, you injured my left rear wheel and then unceremoniously dragged me around. It was very inhuman of you.

Don’t forget to write your name and number on my tag. I don’t want to get stolen. I heard they do awful things to stolen luggage like breaking the lock and discarding us in the garbage.

Anyway, I hope you have fun on this trip, and take many more soon, because like I said, the attic is really boring!

Let’s do this!
Lots of love
Your very sincere luggage.