If you had to go a week without one of your personal belongings, what would you pick?

Mobile phone, Car/Bike keys, Wallet, Wrist Watch and Earphones. If you had to go for a week without one of these, which one would you pick?

Going a week without your Smart Phone is no mean task!

We have reached a phase where our day begins and ends with our handset. Not being able to use it for a week means cutting connectivity from the rest of the world. People who were brave enough to try this swore that they felt like they belonged to the Stone age. Jokes apart, if done the right way, this digital detox may be the break that your lifestyle needs right now.

Seven days sans your personal vehicle can be easily doable.

You can take the public transport or just call a cab or maybe even bicycle your way to a healthier lifestyle. Give it a try and tell us what changed!


Now that is a challenge. A week without your wallet is a Herculean task unless you believe in prepaid options and Net banking.


Some of us feel like they are under dressed is they go a day without their Wrist Watch. Gives them the confidence they need. Try leaving it at home for the week. Maybe on your vacation, just to have some fun off the radar.


Music is life, and if you believe in that, you must be the one who carry’s their headphones everywhere. We wouldn’t suggest, but if you want to spend seven days of headphone-free-ness, you could give it a try. There’s no saying which stranger you could find a friend in, over a conversation in the subway where you otherwise would have spent your time tapping your feet to music.

Choose wisely!

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