If you had to choose - Food Truck / Fine Dining Restaurant

The culture of dining out is increasing as we speak and although it has mostly to do with the ease and comfort, the variety also plays a major role in it. A couple of years ago dining out would be mostly bringing images of Fine dining restaurants to our minds. But today, things have changed and how!

Food trucks. Rightly called street food revolution of recent times. Let us take a look at why food trucks are preferable over erstwhile restaurant culture.

The best part of food trucks is that, it is on wheels, literally. It could be right next to your neighbourhood or along the road of a scenic spot.

Well, let’s face it, what goes behind the walls of a kitchen in a high end restaurant has time and again been an issue of debate. Quite on the contrary, food trucks are transparent about their hygiene and this is a bonus.

Platter of Choice
The choices are unlimited. Numerous cuisines. Need we say more?

Competitive prices
The dishes are reasonably priced, because there is no paying several taxes. Win – win.

The feels
Nothing can beat the tangy tastiness of street food. And that is exactly what they promise to bring, at affordable prices, and very close to where you live.

So get into your car and drive up to the nearest food truck, roll down your windows and relish the experience promised, and served hot.

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