How to boost your E-commerce website sale?


What experience does your online store giving to customers ? Can Online Visual Merchandising be the approach towards improving conversion rate and an increase in average basket size?

Visual Merchandising means ... It is a profession that involves displaying merchandise and décor in a store in a way that elicits a positive image of the store, gets customers' attention and entices them to buy.

Please note : “Gets Customer attention and entices them to buy

Hence, Online Visual Merchandiser arranges the brands commodity on to web page in such a manner that it generates maximum sales. While considering targeted customer behaviour and pattern to shop.
What does online Visual Merchandiser do?

This person will help you to sweat the story behind your product.
In terms of website visual approach, identifying the online placement and presentation that can impact the conversion and basket size.

Creating Visual campaigns to keep customers interested in the product. Working on to product shots to convey story behind the design.

How can you improve Online visual Merchandising for your e-commerce website?

Step 1 _ Always define who you are selling?

Is it Masses, Target group or its Luxury.

Why its is necessary? because Visual Merchandising works on the psychology of your customers. If you don't know your customers then it's just another beautiful display. Which might help you attract but not necessary to sell!

Step 2 _ Your landing page is your Window Campaign for your website!

Window Campaigns are the first point of contact in the Retail store, that is why brands like Louis Vuitton, Dior, Fendi spend good time and budget on to their window displays across the globe.

In the same manner, for E-commerce websites brand should plan their landing page in a manner it provides the right information and eagerness to explore to the customers.

Step 3 _ Highlight Collection stories

Yes, tell them about the thought process, research, craftsmanship went in your collection. Bleed the detail and always sell the feeling!

Stories should be connected and informative about the product. Tell them about the trend, tell them why it should be in their wardrobe this season? Where can they wear it? why it defines them?

Step 4_ Online cross merchandising

Always remember the key to increasing basket size and conversion rate is Impulse purchase, which can only be achieved through suggestive selling or cross-merchandising .

How should you do it online ? By keeping related categories together onto your page or create suggestive columns for customers which pop up while browsing.
If you planning for next year start with planned Photoshoot.

It is advisable to get the photo shoot done under the guidance of visual merchandiser. As they have knowledge of one to one customer behavior and Interaction. They will be best people to help you in juxtaposing the right categories.

Step 5_ Post Sales campaign

In Visual Merchandising the work is not done at the cash counter, it is done when customers return back for the same experience, to have the same exact feeling.

With this high competition and diversity in the market what can actually make a difference is when you become part of their lifestyle. And that is only possible when you give them post shopping experience of being loved, cared or the feeling you selling.

Work on effective post selling campaign, in the same manner, you are working on landing page campaigns.


How about applying these online visual merchandising steps for better selling!

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