Fashion or style?

It is confusing when it comes to style and fashion and you cannot distinguish and decide what you are more comfortable with. What style and fashion really mean is completely opposite to what most people think.

Fashion and style cannot be confused to be the same. They are both worlds apart. Although it depends completely on an individual, what they are comfortable with and want to follow.
1. Fashion
Fashion is basically what is in fashion right now. It means what is trendy and is showcased on the ramps, in the magazines or on the T.V. It is not personal, but what is accepted globally. It is versatile and keeps on changing.
2. Style
Style on the other hand is something that is personal and unique. It is person’s own opinion and choice of clothing. It is something that is modified and customized on an individual level to suit one’s personality and body. It is considered timeless and more permanent and doesn’t need to change.

These two terms are used so often these days and people find it difficult to distinguish between them. According to Oscar de la Renta,”Fashion is about dressing according to what is fashionable. Style is more about being yourself.”

When you want to be fashionable, you ought to follow the fashion today even if the silhouette or color doesn’t look flattering on your body, or even when the trend is ugly. You have to keep changing your wardrobe according to the changes in the fashion to be called fashionable.

On the other hand when it comes to style, you are more concerned about what suits your body, skin tone or hair color. A stylish person tends to show a great ability to balance individuality along with conformity. However, style can also be an extension in fashion because you can use what is in fashion to suit your body type, complexion or hair color.

Although, comfort level differs person to person. It is your own decision to either be fashionable or stylish or maybe even both! Let us know what you think!