Fashion bucket list

Being a fashionista, one thing that you always want is a bucket list of things you want to own this year.

This can be one of the most difficult jobs you’ll ever come across. Just like people have New Year resolutions and travel bucket list, fashion bucket list is equally important to all of you fashion followers. Here we are to help you add few things to the list, just in case you forget to! Here's an example...

1. Makeup
Finding good makeup is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Testing everything is the only solution. Find the perfect makeup for you and guard it with life!

2. Denim love
If you own tons of denims and still crave for one, you ought to go around and find that perfect pair of denims, probably ripped or cut offs, as a favor to your wardrobe. You can also try denims with denims and find your comfort zone.

3. Lifesaver Handbag
If you’re thinking of investing huge in fashion, handbags are the best things to opt for. Choose a classic bag with amazing colour to ensure years and years (and years) of use. Suit your style and spend tons on it.

4. Perfect pout
One thing you can’t do without is the perfect shade of crimson and brown to be your lip’s best friend. It doesn’t matter if you have a constant ‘bitch please’ look or are done with everything. Smile goes a long long way, so make it perfect.

5. Fragrance
Fragrance is one of the most noticeable features of a person. You got to be as choosy as you can while picking your signature fragrance. Fragrance can relate you to many memories, so make people remember you by that amazing scent of yours. Look what Ariana Grande has to say…

These were just few things that’ll help you start your own bucket list. So grab a sheet and a pen and list down all that comes to your mind. Let us know what you think!