Dreams are Meant to be Chased

"The only choice in life is being who you want to be............"

Everybody laughed when little Rani said she wants to be a doctor, only her mother saw promise. Rani comes from the interiors of Bihar. She has always been good with studies, though her family was against it, except her mother. It’s because she went to school that she knew education was the only way her daughter won’t end up where she has. One teacher at her school was fond of her and wanted her to succeed. She worked with an NGO and did social work.

It was her 16th birthday when her father brought a proposal for her marriage to a widower from the next village. On denying this, Rani and her mother were beaten black and blue. Rani was forced to stay home and leave her school. Her mother somehow managed to go to her school and talked to the teacher and begged her to help her. Though she went to police but was disappointed. Later, they decided to run away.

That was the last time Rani saw her mother. She came to Kolkata and stayed at NGO and gave her medical exam and she did it. How could she have failed her mother after all this? Today she is a doctor working at a Government hospital.

After all, Dreams are meant to be chased!!

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