All that fuss about the cheese

Cheese is one of our favorite childhood comfort food. But with the trends that are catching up soon and the many cheese tasting events coming up, it is about high time you should learn the basics of Cheese and its many types.


This French cheese is made of cow milk aged up to 3 weeks. Best found in sandwiches or on bread crusts.


Greek cheese that is made of Goat milk generally aged up to 3 months and used in salads and Mexican delicacies.


This creamy cheese is fresh out of the diary and made of Cow milk. Did I hear you say Pizza?


This one is like wine, older the better. This English cheese comes from Cow’s milk and is used in grilled sandwiches and casseroles.


An aged beauty from Netherlands, this one comes from Cow milk too. They are melted or grated into salads and pretty much everywhere that cheese could go to.


This is an umbrella term for Italian hard cheese and has many branched varieties beneath it. Served with Italian food and commonly known for Pasta.

Well, these few types of Cheese will help you nod at the right places, the next time that you have a conversation at an event of such kind.

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