5 things to learn about life from F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

The first episode was aired on TV 22 years ago, still the show is a hit even now. The show has brought so much laughter, joy, few tears and whole lot of fun. As the show turned 22, here are some life lessons that it has taught us in course of time.

1.Love is found everywhere – At Ross’s wedding, though Monica and Chandler started as an affair, later they fell in love and had a life together. Similarly is the case of Phoebe and Mike. It’s quite evident from the show that love is unexpected and at anywhere, you could find “your lobster.”

2.Working hard – It started with the guys working hard to make ends meet at the end of month and struggling with their jobs. With the course of time and hard work, they achieved their dream jobs, which is one of the important lessons taught in the show.

3.Never give up on love – Like Ross and Rachel, never give up on love. No matter what happens, things will fall into place and if you truly love someone, never give up on that. It’s always worth more than that.

4.People who are close can hurt the most – There are a few episodes that have shown that loved ones can hurt the most. In the cases of Ross and Rachel, there have been incidents that support the case.

5.Great friends make life easier – No matter what life throws at you, if you have friends like them, everything eventually seems fine. They will be sarcastic, true and honest with you and you can count on them no matter what happens.

The show has become iconic and has set some serious friendship goals for many. They have made us smile when we were upset and brought tears too. If you have friends like the characters of the series then you’re one lucky person. When nothing seems right they’re the only persons who are there for you.

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