5 daily foods that lift up your mood in no time

Food is love. Food brings a smile of everyone’s face irrespective of age and gender. And comfort is a haven for people who love eating.

Here are a list of few comfort food items that you can find in your and could make that frown upside down.


A spoon full of nutella can make you forget all your blues in no time. It will not harm to help yourself with a jar of nutella. The creamy melt in it's tasty spread has fans all over the world. It’s quite true, a spoon full of nutella a day, keep the blues away.


Ah, one thing that puts a smile on everyone's face, chocolate! Chocolates, be it dark, milk chocolate or the white ones, it’s everyone's favourite. It’s a stress buster. It increases the level of endorphins released in brain which helps in lessening pain and stress. No doubt it’s so popular.

3.A good cup of coffee

The caffeine lover will know what a good cup of coffee can do. A good cup of coffee can give you that kick that you so much needed. A strong black coffee can help you during a pretty bad hangover. So be it black or brown or strong or mild, it works wonders and gets you up when you’re down.


Sometimes breakfast, lunch and dinner, it has been comfort food for many people across India. The hot piping noodles has been many’s favourite and the 2 minute wonder has satisfied many food cravings, be it at 3 AM or 6PM. It’s like the friend whom you can share everything and won’t even judge you.

5.Ice Cream

You scream, I scream and we all scream for Ice cream! Indeed, we all do and this list won’t be complete without this sweet delicacy. Any flavour of ice cream you name it, can put a smile on someone’s face. Be it a bad break up or any sadness, a tub of your favourite ice cream definitely helps a lot cope up.

These are a few food cravings that save life from midnight hunger, coping up with your break or just simply fills you up with warm feeling and a broad smile.