#4 Inspiration is everywhere - Wedding tales

We do not choose who we die for……

Anchal was on cloud nine, she could hardly believe it was her wedding day. After all these years, her dream of that fairy tale wedding that she had been planning since she was five was finally happening. She took a deep breath to calm her nerves but a glimpse of herself in the mirror made her stomach go butterflies again.

In all eagerness to marry the love of her life, dressed in red, she hugged her mom for the last time she came to take the beautiful bride to the aisle. As she walked towards the aisle, she could see her bride dressed magnificently. Both the girls looked at each other as if for the very first time.

Their marriage celebrated love at its purest form. For love didn’t see boundary, skin colour or gender, it helped finding the missing halves of them by bringing them together.

A police van took the couple to where the society prescribed was right for them to belong to.

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